Daily Diet 06/23/09

It’s pretty challenging eating 6 – 8 times a day.  I think the hardest part is staying creative about what to eat.  When I get lazy, I just stick to sandwiches.  Lots and lots of sandwiches and wraps.  Today I was lazy, but I came up with an awesome wrap: whole wheat tortilla bread, sliced chicken strips, hummus, chopped tomatoes and onion.  About 250 cals total and super healthy and filling.  By the way, I generally don’t record low calorie vegetables unless I eat a large amount.  They’re usually just 10 – 20 cals.

Body bugg says I burned 2727 calories today.  I’m going to have to disagree.  I didn’t wear it for about 7 hours today between 5 and 12 pm.  I would expect that the BB would take my historical daily average to compute what I most likely burned when I don’t wear it.  Instead it flat lines my caloric output to pretty much sleep level.  Not very user friendly.

Calories out: 2727, Calories in: 3188, Protein: 352g, Carbs: 304g, Fat: 69g

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Daily Stats 06/23/09

Eddie and I had an awesome workout today.  We went with Trevor’s workout plan, focusing on light weight to get the movements right.  It’s humbling, but my body is thanking me for it every step of the way.

If you look at the heart rate chart, even though it’s light weight I’m still pushing my body really hard.  My heart almost hit 170 BPM on the one legged lunges.

Here’s the workout we did:

Measurement Monday 06/22/09

I’m going to start posting detailed body stats on Mondays and looking back on each week to analyze some of my results.  I think I’ve gained a couple pounds over the last week.  I’ve certainly been eating a lot more and my body doesn’t feel as lean anymore.

This chart covers my calories in vs calories out since June 11th.  Green is calories in (food I’ve eaten) and blue is daily calories I’ve burned (according to Bodybugg).  From about June 15th onwards I started eating a lot more.

You can tell in the progress picture.  I’m not as defined as in my last one from June 16th.

Here are the latest measurements.  Somehow I lost half and inch on my chest, but I think that’s more due to measurement error with the tape.  I definitely gained almost an inch on my thighs though.

Weight: 203.2
Body Fat: 10.6%
Waist: 34.25 in
Chest: 42 in
Shoulders: 50 in
Forearms: 12 in
Neck: 17 in
Thigh: 24 in
Calf: 17 in

Daily Diet 06/22/09

I was being so good all day today.  Totally sticking with the diet and feeling awesome in all my workouts.  Good thing I burned all these calories today.  Our friends, Sonney and Ken, invited us out to dinner at Roy’s.  Yes, I cheated – hard.  It was worth it.  They have this insane hand made chocolate souffle.  You have to order it at the beginning of dinner because it takes them 20 minutes to make from scratch.  My two weaknesses are pizza and chocolate.  I totally caved for the chocolate today.

Calories Out:

Calories In:

Calories out: 3683, Calories in: 3803, Protein: 260g, Carbs: 402g, Fat: 117g

Daily Stats 06/22/09

Today was a serious workout day.  I started with a workout with Trevor at 11.  We’ve been focusing on fixing the basics: posture, shoulders, knee movement, and muscles around the spine.  As I’m preparing myself to compete in a body building competition, I need to make sure my body can handle the kind of weight I’ll need to lift to build serious muscle.  I’ve been working out for eight years and these workouts with Trevor have been different than anything I’ve ever done before.  First, he’s totally awesome and knows more about human physiology than anyone I’ve met.  Second, we’ve been focused on all my little muscles that I’ve neglected for most of my life.  Although the workouts are totally light weight, I struggle to push through.  Yeah, it’s kind of humbling to struggle with 10 pound weights.

After working out with Trevor, I rested for a couple hours and had a heavy shoulder workout with Eddie.  I can feel my strength coming back to me as I gradually overcome my injuries.  It feels awesome.

First workout:

Second workout:

This is what we did today.  It felt great to shoulder press 70 lbs on the dumbbells it’s been a while since I’ve been able to do that.

Daily Diet 06/21/09

Weight: 203.2 lbs
Bodyfat: 10.6%

It’s funny how even after being immersed in body building nutrition for the last five years, my body is still a mystery to me.  On Saturday I was feeling completely bloated and I weighed in at 203.8.  I tapered my diet yesterday and feel great today, but I’m still weighing in at 203.2.

I did cheat a little yesterday.  I made my weekly pilgrimage to Costco where I purchase all my protein for the week.  On my way out I grabbed a Costco hotdog.  So good.  I think Costco serves one of the best hotdogs I’ve ever had.

Calories out: 3256, Calories in: 2965, Protein: 234g, Carbs: 295g, Fat: 95g

Daily Diet 06/20/09

Yesterday I felt like a giant turtle.  I really needed to lay off the diet for a day.  That being said, I was absolutely ravenous at night (might have had something to do with the Mad Max marathon I had).  Not for regular food though – for chocolate.  I ended up breaking.  I had a piece of frozen Dark Hershey’s Chocolate.  It was AWESOME.  Whenever I’m dieting I really only miss two things – frozen chocolate and pizza.  The upside is that it’s amazing how much better stuff tastes when you don’t gorge yourself on it all the time.

Bodybugg says I burned 3438, but I only took in 2125.  It’s not great, but I really need to ease myself into eating for a caloric surplus.  My body just isn’t used to consuming this much food.

Daily Stats 06/19/09

I had a great workout with Trevor and Eddie yesterday.  Eddie and I started out with some heavy leg presses, then Trevor joined us and we focused a lot more on core strengthening.  Trevor’s been taking a completely different approach with me – focusing on reprogramming my body and strengthening my weaknesses.  My lower back and shoulders are in terrible condition.  In fact, I wake up in almost debilitating pain every morning with my lower back completely frozen.  5 minutes in the shower fixes it, but I literally can’t sleep more than 6 hours a night because of the pain.  Sometimes my shoulders get so bad I struggle to put clothes on.

Instead of jumping in and going heavy (which is something I would naturally do), Trevor’s been building up my base and strengthening all my core stabilizer muscles that usually get no attention.  In fact, after just a week of working out with him, my body feels completely different.  I feel more nimble and solid.  I feel good about this.  A few more weeks of reprogramming my muscles and I’ll be benching 275 in no time!

This was a pretty long workout – almost two hours start to finish.  Most of my workouts are a lot shorter, but since Trevor joined us half way though, this one was longer but less intense.  I usually push myself so hard in the gym, it’s nice to just take it slow for once and focus on getting the motions right.  After working out for a while, it’s easy to lose sight of how important form is.  I think the same is true for a lot of things.  Once you’ve been doing something for a long time, it’s easy to over look some of the finer aspects of the process.  That’s usually when you get in trouble 🙂

Daily Diet 06/19/09

Today’s weight: 203.8
Today’s bodyfat: 8.3%

I’ve been feeling really “over-eaten” the last few days.  I think I might have ramped up my diet a little too fast.  I’m trying to taper it down and not eat so much at night.  We’re also just starting to figure out my workout program, so I’m not burning as many calories as I will be and my body is not in “muscle building” mode, so I’m worried about adding fat.

My favorite food of the day was homemade Greek chicken shwarma.  Real easy – marinate some chicken Greek style (2 tbsp red wine, 1 tbsp olive oil, Italian seasoning, fresh ground pepper), BBQ on a skewer.  Chop up tomatoes and onions and make some Tsatsiki sauce.  Put it all together in a whole wheat pita pocket and you’re done.  250 calories of pure bliss per serving.