Daily Diet 06/19/09

Today’s weight: 203.8
Today’s bodyfat: 8.3%

I’ve been feeling really “over-eaten” the last few days.  I think I might have ramped up my diet a little too fast.  I’m trying to taper it down and not eat so much at night.  We’re also just starting to figure out my workout program, so I’m not burning as many calories as I will be and my body is not in “muscle building” mode, so I’m worried about adding fat.

My favorite food of the day was homemade Greek chicken shwarma.  Real easy – marinate some chicken Greek style (2 tbsp red wine, 1 tbsp olive oil, Italian seasoning, fresh ground pepper), BBQ on a skewer.  Chop up tomatoes and onions and make some Tsatsiki sauce.  Put it all together in a whole wheat pita pocket and you’re done.  250 calories of pure bliss per serving.

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