Daily Diet 06/23/09

It’s pretty challenging eating 6 – 8 times a day.  I think the hardest part is staying creative about what to eat.  When I get lazy, I just stick to sandwiches.  Lots and lots of sandwiches and wraps.  Today I was lazy, but I came up with an awesome wrap: whole wheat tortilla bread, sliced chicken strips, hummus, chopped tomatoes and onion.  About 250 cals total and super healthy and filling.  By the way, I generally don’t record low calorie vegetables unless I eat a large amount.  They’re usually just 10 – 20 cals.

Body bugg says I burned 2727 calories today.  I’m going to have to disagree.  I didn’t wear it for about 7 hours today between 5 and 12 pm.  I would expect that the BB would take my historical daily average to compute what I most likely burned when I don’t wear it.  Instead it flat lines my caloric output to pretty much sleep level.  Not very user friendly.

Calories out: 2727, Calories in: 3188, Protein: 352g, Carbs: 304g, Fat: 69g

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