Words are a means to penetrate. To penetrate soul, form, meaning, emotion, and experience. When you hear words that truly touch you, it is because those words have penetrated something true. The penetration itself makes the words universally true because each of us is an individuated expression of the same cosmic fabric. When words penetrate to a deeper essence they penetrate to an essence that is universally true and thus universally resonant.

How does one penetrate so deeply? Surrender. What does that mean? It is a continuing endeavor to strip away the unnecessary to arrive at the heart of something and a faith that through continued effort one will.

I find the act of making art to be penetrating. To create something is to enter its form from within. Through that experience I can channel language that deeply expresses my experience of that depth. It is for this reason that I wish to create more art. To experience and express the essence of what I observe in the process of creation. To experience and express the essence of my experience. I wish to penetrate deeply into life and creation itself. I wish to express this in such a way that gives other people this experience of sublime penetration.