Measurement Monday 06/22/09

I’m going to start posting detailed body stats on Mondays and looking back on each week to analyze some of my results.  I think I’ve gained a couple pounds over the last week.  I’ve certainly been eating a lot more and my body doesn’t feel as lean anymore.

This chart covers my calories in vs calories out since June 11th.  Green is calories in (food I’ve eaten) and blue is daily calories I’ve burned (according to Bodybugg).  From about June 15th onwards I started eating a lot more.

You can tell in the progress picture.  I’m not as defined as in my last one from June 16th.

Here are the latest measurements.  Somehow I lost half and inch on my chest, but I think that’s more due to measurement error with the tape.  I definitely gained almost an inch on my thighs though.

Weight: 203.2
Body Fat: 10.6%
Waist: 34.25 in
Chest: 42 in
Shoulders: 50 in
Forearms: 12 in
Neck: 17 in
Thigh: 24 in
Calf: 17 in

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