Daily Diet 06/20/09

Yesterday I felt like a giant turtle.  I really needed to lay off the diet for a day.  That being said, I was absolutely ravenous at night (might have had something to do with the Mad Max marathon I had).  Not for regular food though – for chocolate.  I ended up breaking.  I had a piece of frozen Dark Hershey’s Chocolate.  It was AWESOME.  Whenever I’m dieting I really only miss two things – frozen chocolate and pizza.  The upside is that it’s amazing how much better stuff tastes when you don’t gorge yourself on it all the time.

Bodybugg says I burned 3438, but I only took in 2125.  It’s not great, but I really need to ease myself into eating for a caloric surplus.  My body just isn’t used to consuming this much food.

5 thoughts on “Daily Diet 06/20/09”

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