Daily Stats 06/18/09

Trevor and I got together today and he set me up with a whole slew of core training and physical therapy exercises to get me ready for some serious heavy lifting in the coming months.  Also met with Rey Ronquilio who used to be a competitive body builder.  Very awesome guy.  We talked about me potentially competing at the Stingray Classic in April 2010.  That would be so awesome.

Today was chest day, usually one of my favorites, but I’m still kind of under the weather.  Eddie and I went with a workout format we’ve never tried before.  It was a High Intensity Training (HIT) style workout with seven back to back chest exercises, two sets each, with almost no rest in between.  The entire workout took about 30 minutes.  You can see my heart rate was higher than last time averaging about 126 bpm, but still not where it would usually be for a HIT workout.

Here’s the actual workout I did:

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