The Wisdom of Love: Start With Why (Skillshare Week 1)

This week, I’m taking my regular Skillshare class and turning it in to an online class. Although I’ve taught the offline version many times, this is my first time teaching an online class. I’m very excited to see how it works out. The class will take four weeks and each week I’ll host video office hours over Skillshare. I’ll be posting course material here each week.

This is a four week class that will help you understand yourself, what you love to do, what you’re good at, and how to be productive doing things that will make you financially successful. We’ll start out by taking a look at your long term goals the first week. The second week we’ll dig deeper to understand where your strengths are and what makes you happy. The third week we’ll get into how to actually manage yourself and get stuff done. Finally, the fourth week we’ll wrap up with some philosophy to bring it all together and apply what you just learned.

Lets get started…

Before we do anything, I’d like you to take out a piece of paper and write down all the things that have been on your mind today. This can be anything: a project you’re working on, something that has been nagging you, your dog, an argument you had, a facebook update you want to make, random stuff in your head, clothes you want to buy, etc. Just brain dump everything that you remember running through your mind today. Take about 3 minutes to do it.

Once you’re done, save the document. You’re going to need it next week so make sure you don’t lose it! This class will involve a number of written exercises to help you get perspective on yourself. So create a little file somewhere to put all this stuff.

Before you go any further, take a few minutes to read this blog post on the Wisdom of Love.

The most important thing you can figure out is why you do what you do.  What motivates you?  When you can get a clear understanding of your “why” you can begin to evaluate all the things you do based on that why. Watch this TED talk to understand how powerful this is.

It’s easy to get really busy but not accomplish anything meaningful.  You can also be very productive and still feel unfulfilled.  What we want to understand is why do you do the things you do and what is going to bring you the most lasting happiness.

EXERCISE: Imagine yourself on your death bed.  You’re looking back on and remembering the life you lead.  What stands out – what was most important?

(Warning: I’ve had people cry doing that exercise. If you did, that’s ok. It can be a little intense for some people, but it’s a good way to put things in perspective.)

In this session we’re going to explore what’s important to you by taking a look at your 10 year goals.

EXERCISE: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  This can be as specific as where you’d like to be living in 10 years, what you’d like to be doing in your career, what kind of lifestyle you would like to have, or whatever is important to you.  As you build this list, keep in mind why you want the things you want.

Once you’ve put together this list, compare the items you came up with with what stood out about your death bed exercise.  Are the results aligned?

That’s it for week 1. Please email me if you have any questions.

See you next week and in the meantime… be awesome!

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