Just Breath with TJ Burleigh

TJ Burleigh has been teaching yoga for over 10 years.  She currently teaches regular classes and workshops at Bernal Yoga as well as yoga therapy at UCSF.  We sat down to talk about her class and simple ways to live better.

We live roller coaster lives with honking cars and ringing cellphones (even the audio on this video has cellphone interference!).  Find some inner sanctuary with TJ’s class as she takes you inward and beyond.  Close your eyes, take a moment for yourself, and lend an ear to you inner being.

TJ will help you carry this connection with yourself on and off the mat.  That means that next time someone cuts you off and you start to feel your blood boiling, you might just smile and let it go.  Isn’t that much better?

If you do just one thing…. remember to breathe.  If you’re tired, focus on the inhalation, the uplifting sensation as the breath rushes into your lungs and belly.

If you’re feeling tense and stressed out, focus on the exhalation.  Take a minute by yourself and bow your head slightly.  As you inhale, really let the breath come deep into the belly – it into the sides and back of the belly, feel the whole body grow.  Then just let it all out.  Release the breath and exhale completely.  Enjoy blissful peace of mind.

TJ has an upcoming workshop on Yoga for Carpal Tunnel, Shoulder and Wrist Health on April 17.

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