4 thoughts on “Define your worst fears to Live the life of your dreams – FindMeFit.TV Episode 038”

  1. That is my strategy actually. I am positive about my dream, BUT when I am planning it I plan negative because if some problem come up on the way to the dream, it is not problem as I always thought about it;-) Dream positive, plan/prepare for the worst and be prepare to be surprised are my motto. Lorenz, I am not sure if you are interested, but related to fitness, do you ever think about using natural ingredient cosmetics…I mean i am victim of cosmetic marketing, I tried all the luxury ones from shiseido, biotherm to aramis etc…But lately i went natural and i began using just good mineral water on my face and then JOJOBA OIL, this oil is perfect for your skin and it is natural;-)! Try googling it if you are interested, i mean i was bit shock with this natural oil did to my skin….2010 is back to the nature year for mep-)! Good luck with your new business man! you have it all, luck will do the rest!;-) Toshi.

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