Full Body Stats 7/23/09

It’s been exactly a month since my last full body stat update.  I’ve spent the majority of the last month focusing on core strengthening, with little emphasis on heavy lifting or bulking up.  With that in mind, my diet has remained mostly flat, with calories in roughly equal to calories out.

(The blue line is calories out, the green line is calories in.)

Weight: 203.2
Body Fat: 10.6%
Waist: 34.75 in
Chest: 42 in
Shoulders: 49.5 in
Forearms: 11.75 in
Neck: 17 in
Thigh: 22.75 in
Calf: 17 in
Arms: 14 in

Most of my measurements have stayed the same or gotten smaller.  This makes sense since I haven’t been focused on getting big for the last month. I find lifting lighter weights and focusing on core strengthening not as satisfying as lifting really heavy.  It doesn’t give me the same stress release as killing myself in the gym.  Although I always thought that I lifted with good form, over time the little issues with the way I lift have added up to an imbalance in my muscle structure which makes me more prone to injuries.  Trevor and I have been working together to eliminate those imbalances.  It’s amazing to workout with someone who has deep anatomical knowledge and can tell me exactly what I’m doing wrong.

One major source of frustration is that I somehow managed to get tennis elbow.  This is particularly frustrating since I haven’t been lifting heavy and just don’t get why I have such a bad case of it.  I’m even having trouble shaking hands.  Hopfully this will go away real soon.  Overall, I feel good though.  My body feels more solid than ever and I feel muscles in places I never even thought of before.

My appearance hasn’t changed much since the last photo I posted.  In the next few weeks we’ll be upping the kind of weight I’m lifting, assuming I get over the tennis elbow.  I’ll start growing a lot more at that point.

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